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Shades of Summer

The seasons are changing and summer is getting closer. Summer is the time when you sit in the hot sun having barbeques, going to the beach, and going to baseball games. While doing that you want to look fabulous and sunglasses are an essential part of an outfit. I have always been a fan of the large glasses. One because they cover your face when you’re not looking that great, and two they are the perfect accessory to everything you wear. No matter if you like then big or small, black or white there is a pair out there for everyone. This season, trends from last year have carried over, this means aviators, round and square, are here but with a twist. Prices of sunglasses can vary; I would suggest investing in 1 timeless pair of shades and then buying at least 3 inexpensive pairs.

The pair that you splurge on will be a pair that you have for a while so make sure they go well with the shape of your face, are a neutral color, and are comfortable. Try to stay away from ultra trendy shades because you don’t know if they will be in style next year. There are many different designer brands that make classic shades that can be used year after year. Designers’ like Gucci, Tom Ford, Oliver Peoples, and Chloe all have great shades that range in price and style. Saks Fifth Ave and Neiman Marcus have outlet stores that sell designer glasses for discounted prices. They carry last year’s styles that did not fully sell out before the new stockcame in. The prices start at under $100.00 and can find sales also featuring 20% off the already discounted prices. EBay and Amazon are great places to search for a certain pair for a cheaper price.

When it comes to more trendy sunglasses Urban Outfitter and Forever 21 have great designs. They take the most recent styles and make them at a more inexpensive price. You want to follow the same rules for cheaper glasses as you do with designer glasses. Make sure you find the right style for the shape of your face and the shades should be comfortable. The inexpensive pairs won’t be as durable, so if you really like the pair you might want to think about buying an additional pair. For me it’s hard to find the perfect pair so I like buy 2 just in case I loose or break the pair. Some stores get different styles every year, sometimes every couple months, so if you go back to find the same pair it’s going to be nearly impossible!

No matter if your young, old, rich or poor sunglasses are the perfect accessory to have this summer. If you want to invest in a good pair you should find the right structure and color for your face. I love my Tom Ford shades and I’m happy that I invested in them. Inexpensive pairs are great to have in different styles to go with certain looks. This season they are adding chains and rhinestone detailing to the rims. Everyone needs to go on the hunt for one pair that suites your style and I’m sure you will fall in love like I have!!

Happy Shopping!!



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