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Maternity holiday fashion

holiday maternity outfit

holiday maternity outfit by smallysmallz04 featuring a stretch maternity

Hi everyone! I wanted to talk to you today about holiday maternity fashion. Getting dressed when your pregnant can seem like such a chore, your body is changing and you may not feel like yourself! Being 8 months pregnant I have a few staple maternity pieces but tend to buy non maternity because they are cheaper. This holiday season we have parties and dinners so its important to have a couple cute outfits.

A basic black blazer is perfect when you’re expecting because you can pair it with a tight tank or loose-fitting tee-shirt. This is one piece that you don’t have to buy in maternity because it will look just as cute unbuttoned. In this look I put a sequined tank top underneath to give it a holiday flare. This tank is maternity because its impossible to fit a shirt to fit over the belly. Skinny jeans are a great idea to give the outfit a casual but, put together look. If you don’t want to do jeans then leggings would be perfect also. Your shoes are really optional, since the outfit is so basic I decided on a leopard print heel to give it a fun look. You could wear a red ballet flat or an above-the-knee boot, it just depends on what your comfort level is or if your feet are swollen. The watch here is a black Guess bracelet watch its a polished stainless steel and looks really cute paired with a couple bracelets. This season scarves are a trendy option to add to any outfit. No matter if your pregnant or not, this is a great look for the holidays. It’s great for any age and will look great on you no matter how “huge” you feel. I hope you all have a fun and safe holiday!



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