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Our Baby Shower

baby shower1

Last month we had our baby shower and it was a good time. My mother-in-law and aunt threw us the baby shower, they put a lot of thought into the shower, and it came out beautiful. The shower was on a Sunday and held at the Courtyard Marriott, we both live in apartments so there wouldn’t be enough space at either house. We decided on a co-ed shower because I didn’t want it to be just ladies. I have a huge family and it was great to see so many of them there. My hubby is from California so most of his family is there, but they had close family friends come. I registered at Babies R’ Us and for the most part the guest shopped from the registry, but it seems like people like to buy what they want. When I found out I was pregnant I wanted to make sure we had everything the baby needed. I didn’t want to rely on the baby shower to get the things we need, and then end up not getting anything! I hate when women think people are supposed to buy their baby the things that they will need. They decided to have the baby, so they should be responsible for buying the baby’s items. Sorry for the rant LOL! The economy is so bad right now I knew people might not have the money to buy gifts, I just wanted them to come and celebrate. When I got there and saw all of the gifts, I felt so blessed. We played all the typical baby shower games like, baby bingo, can’t say baby, and they had to guess how big I was. They had some really nice prizes for the guests that won, I wish I was a guest! I ate about 10 chocolate covered pretzels, they were so tasty! I had such a wonderful time and I was so pleased with everything. Now the waiting game is on, we have everything we need, now we just need out baby B to get here!!

baby shower2

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