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Our Baby Nursery

Once I found out I was pregnant, I started to think about the nursery. I went online and searched thousands of websites and blogs for ideas. I couldn’t believe how many nursery blogs there are. I’m the type of person that gets an idea in there head and won’t let go until its complete. I originally wanted a jungle theme, but when I looked at some, I hated how dark all the colors are. What I decided to do was more just an animal theme, so we could use the colors we wanted. Bobby and I went to Home Depot to find paint and I couldn’t believe he was so good at picking paint colors. He usually doesn’t have any input about decorating, but he did with the nursery. We chose a blue color because I wanted the room to be bright and cozy. The accent colors are mostly brown, but I did try and throw in some other brighter colors. The name above the crib I painted myself and wish they came out a little differently, but that’s okay. I became really inspired by all the DIY blogs I came across, and decided to do most of the projects on my own. I’m so glad I did because every time I look into the room I see all the hard work I put into it. I can’t wait to see my baby boy in the room I worked so hard on.

Wishing you a sensational day!


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I am a 24yr old women. I love fashion, beauty, decorating, and anything pretty. Sensational Finds is all about finding great pieces in this

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