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Meet Our Little Man

I’m so happy to announce that I gave birth on Monday, February 7,2011 at 1:32a.m, to a healthy baby boy. He is the most precious baby I have ever seen, of course as his mother I have the right to think that. I never could have imagined the type of love that comes with motherhood, it’s so amazingly strong. The moment he was born his father and I instantly started to cry, the emotions of past 9 months just came upon us. Thinking about the birth makes me cry all over again. The labor was long but surprisingly not as painful as I thought it would be. The whole week I didn’t progress at all, my cervix was closed and high, so we scheduled our induction and I thought that was going to be the day. I guess baby had other plans because Superbowl Sunday I was woken up to cramping around 6a.m that only got worse as the day went on. I didn’t want to go to the hospital right away because I knew that If I wasn’t far enough dilated they would send me home, and I couldn’t handle that. Finally around 3p.m I couldn’t take the pain anymore so we decided to just go and see what happens. When I got to the hospital they took my blood pressure and it was high, and I was 1cm dilated, they decided that the blood pressure was an issue and would induce me. If it wasn’t for my blood pressure they would have sent me home in excruciating pain. After they started the induction I progressed quickly and after about 20 pushes Bobby Joe was here.

He’s such a good baby, he’s so alert and cute I can’t take it sometimes. He loves to be in his swing and just rock back and forth. We have only been home for a couple days but it feels so much longer then that. The only issue I’ve been having is breast feeding, he’s having a hard time latching on. We are trying a couple new things  to get him to latch properly, hopefully they work. Breast feeding is one topic everyone has an opinon about, and it drives me crazy! The nurses at the hospital made it seem like my baby would be fat and stupid if I don’t breast feed which I disagree with. I’m going to talk more about that it another post! Right now life is amazing. I have the perfect man, perfect baby, and perfect life. Its’s all mine and that’s what makes it so “perfect”! Here are a couple pictures of our new addition BJH IV.

Hope your having a Sensational Day!


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