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Boobs, Baby, Butts…Update!

My life for the past 2 weeks has consisted of boobs, baby, and butts. I haven’t had a full night sleep since I gave birth, I’m starting to forget what good rest feels like. Before I had lil’ B I’d sleep till about 2p.m, eat breakfast, then lay on the couch and watch day time t.v. It’s just a little different now, I still can watch t.v but, I’ll be interrupted, so relaxing is out for now. Since getting home from the hospital breastfeeding has gotten so much easier. The baby is nursing 98% of the time, the only time we give him formula is when we were out, or if company was here and I didn’t want to have to take the baby away from them. I still haven’t mastered it, by any means, he cries bloody murder is I don’t get the boob out fast enough. I just don’t get as flustered if he does cry.

This boy poops more than I ever imagined, he makes the cutest face when he’s going it makes me smile. He had a little diaper rash for the past couple days, so when we went to the doctor this week he said that Destin was okay to use. He also screams like we are torturing him when we change his diaper, I was thinking it’s because of the diaper rash hurting him. I use the Pamper Sensitive wipes, but I think they might be too rough for him. Now we use warm water and he doesn’t cry, so that’s awesome.

Thank God he’s a good sleeper, we had to go out and get a co-sleeper so the baby can sleep in the bed safely. We think he hated his Pack ‘N Play and that’s why he didn’t sleep at night. We let him sleep in the bed 1 night and he only woke up twice to eat. We couldn’t believe it, I know co-sleeping is controversal but I will do whatever it takes to make my baby happy. Before I had him to thought co-sleeping was dangerous and never wanted to do it, it shows you can never say never. Babies are unpredictable and don’t always do what you want them too. We don’t plan on doing it forever but I do want the baby to know that our bed is a family bed, and when he’s older he can come sleep in our bed if he has a bad dream or is sick. I  remember when I was a kid I would just lay in bed afraid if I had a bad dream because my dad didn’t like us sleeping in their room.

I’m almost back to my pre-pregnancy weight, I have about 5 lbs more to lose and I will weight what U did when I got pregnant. I want to try to lose and extra  10 lbs, but I’m not gonna stress over my weight.  I have to tone up, my stomach flabby and I still have the linea nigera line going down my stomach, which is gross. My boobs have gotten ginormous they are almost the size a seedless watermelon. I was a 36F before the baby and God only knows what I am now, I wear a nursing sports bra and my boobs are always coming out from underneath. I will get a reduction if they don’t go away after I’m done breastfeeding, they are way to big for my body. I feel great for just having a baby, I try to get ready everyday so I feel good about myself and so I look good in pictures haha. I’ve been emotional a couple of times this past week, but nothing to worry about. I get really bad PMS, almost like PMDD where I will be depressed and erratic a couple of days before my period, so I thought I might get postpartum depression but luckily I haven’t.

We had to get out of the house this week, there were 2 really nice days of about 70 degree weather this week. We went to the river and walked around with the baby and Diva, we went to the mall to get some more newborn sized clothes because we only had a couple of things and 0-3 month doesn’t fit yet. Bobby also had his first doctors appointment, and will have another at 6 weeks to get his shots. I took pictures of all his first, it was way more exciting for me then him!


Hope you have a Sensational day!


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  1. You’re such a good momma, sarah! You are a natural and I am so happy for you 🙂


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