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My New Office… I’m in love!

This weekend we decided to go to Ikea, we want to decorate our living room that is filled with hand me down furniture and lacks style. Every morning I have my regular DIY  and budget decorating blogs that I read and get inspiration from. I love a comfortable contemporary living space. I want my house to feel lived in, but have a clean feeling also. I don’t have a ton of money to spend on furniture or decor so I’m so proud of the way my office turned out. I spent around $300.00 for everything except curtains. This is the first of many more projects to come. All my goodies were purchased at the oh-so fabulous Ikea, some of the little nik-naks I had and just moved to this space. I LOVE having my own little area, a place for just me. Of course Bobby can come in sometimes (hehehe). I now can browse the web and get inspired to do more with this blog and other ideas I’ve been thinking of, in style.

BTW I started doing mommy vlogs on YouTube. You can join me in my day-to-day activities. I only have done one so far but look for them daily, or as often as I can get them up. Please Subscribe, I will love it xoxox


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