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7 Days of Sensational Finds (Part 2)

Today is day 2 of 7 Days of Sensational Finds. Today is also Memorial Day so I hope everyone had a relaxing day,  I sure did. It was 95 degrees out so we stayed in the house and ordered BBQ. I wasn’t down for sitting in that sun, sweating to death, while some cooked on the grill. So i happily drove to our local barbeque restaurant and ordered take out! I also want to say thank you to all the troops for giving us this day!

If your interested in a giveaway of some of the products I mention this week please leave a comment below! So far one person has, so Thanks : )

1. 5 S’s method (Happiest Baby On The Block)- The method consists of Swaddle, Side or Stomach, Shush, Swing, Suck and if used together will calm and crying baby. I brought the book and haven’t read the whole thing but I’ve watched the video and really feel this is the best way to get B to sleep. At 4 months we are still swaddling him, but need to use the “Escape proof” method I found here on YouTube. We use that method at night so he’s able to sleep longer without startling himself. During the day we’ve started to swaddle with 1 arm out, so we can begin the transition to not swaddling at all.  Baby B is always trying to fight his naps and once these steps are done he’s relaxed and falling a sleep. The idea behind the 5 S’s is to imitate the womb. I truly believe this is the reason we are able to get him to sleep so quickly. Take a look at the video and maybe try it with your LO and see if it works for you.

3. Johnson’s and Johnson’s Bedtime Bath and Lotion- I love the way this smells and we use it every night as part of our bedtime routine. We do bath-sease time every night around 7:30-8pm. It’s our family time. We sing funny songs to Baby B, and just make it fun and special for all of us. The wash and lotion both have lavender in them, which helps relax the baby. Once out of the tub we use the lotion to give him a baby massage. The wash, lotion, and massage combined make it a breeze to put Baby B down for the night. If you have a Target near you they make a dup for the Bedtime products. The Up and Up Bedtime products come in two different sizes, and cost half the price. That’s what we use and it works just the same, but I do like the Johnson’s lotion better. Only because the lotion is thicker and soaks into the skin better. Other then that the Up and Up lotion is just fine

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