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Sensational Finds…. Spin pins, Candles, and Baby makes 3

:Side Note: Today is part 3 of 7 Days of Sensational Finds. These are two products I use all the time and love. Sunday I will post the details to the giveaway so please make sure you check back. If you have any items you think would be a good prize please let me know. I have some ideas but would like to get some others. Hope you enjoy this post. Please subscribe and comment.

Goodie Spin Pins- This is the best invention out, for hair accessories. These two bad boys take the place of 30 bobbie pins, and make it super easy to throw your hair in a bun. I’ve always hated having hair in my face. and now I have a baby that yanks on my hair like it’s his job. So for me, having my hair up is just works. The pins are a corkscrew shape, and come in either regular or short, light or dark. This makes it possible to use on short hair. It may seem complicated but it’s pretty simple to use. What you do is, take your hair into a pony tail (it can be high, low, half-up, loose or tight), wrap it in a bun (make sure your ends are tucked in), screw 1st pin (clockwise) at the top, and then the 2nd at the bottom (making sure you don’t interlock them). There you have it, a cute easy alternative to wearing your hair up. They’re available at all drugstores for about $6

Goody Spin Pin, easy updo, french twist, hairstyles

The Finshed Product

Goody Spin Pin, easy updo, french twist, hairstyles

TINDRA MYS Scented block candle red Package quantity: 3 pack  Package quantity: 3 pack

Tindra Candles from Ikea– Whenever I’m home I usually have candles burning. To me it’s relaxing and makes your house feel like a home. I love to try different brands and scents of candles. More so than not, I’m disappointed by something. I tried the Tindra candle from Ikea mostly because they were so cheap. I was surprised to find it’s a wonderful candle. It’s a warm berry scent, that fills the whole room and that’s most important to me. Have you ever brought a candle, smelled it and liked it, then when you get home and burn it, you can’t smell it at all. That drives me crazy. The Tindra candle comes in 6 different sizes. I use the small size in glass, it burns for 30 hours and cost $1.99. After 1 hour your room will smell amazing. Since I’m home all day it’s important that my house feels relaxing and calm. Candles are one way I make my house a home. You might have guests come over after your baby arrives, before they get there light a candle. It will make your home smell warm and welcoming.

Daily Photos 6/1 and 6/2


Score At A Consignment Sale

This past weekend we went to the Lil’ Angels  Consignment Sale and brought some much-needed toys, books, and a couple of sleepers. I volunteered last sale they had, and was able to shop first which was great since they sell out of everything fast. So when I heard they were having their spring sale I decided to volunteer again. They had so many great items clothes, toys, books, strollers, pack n’plays, high chairs, and so much more. Friday evening we backed up B and headed to the sale. We found a couple of toys that light up and make noise which he really loves.

I’m the most excited about the Tiny Love mobile that we scored for $18.00. He loved mobile that went with his bedding set, it cost $45.00 and broke after a week. It was cheaply made and needed to be wound up every 5 minutes. I was searching online for a different one for him and saw some that were pretty awesome. I’m so glad I didn’t just buy the first one I saw, because I saved myself some money. As soon as we got home I ran to put the mobile together. It wasn’t the easiest thing I’ve done, the directions were somewhat confusing. After a good 30 minutes I managed put it together, and B loves it. I knew he would.

Anyway we had a wonderful time finding new things for B. Next time I will probably try to sell some of the things that the baby doesn’t need anymore. So here are some pictures of the thing we scored. All together we spent $45.00, the mobile alone would’ve cost about $30 brand new so I’m happy!

Hope you have a sensational day!

Gift Giving 2010

gift idea

gift idea by smallysmallz04 featuring christmas hats

During the holidays you see a lot of friends and family, which can mean many gifts to buy. Here are a few gift ideas that you can give to girlfriends, co-workers, sisters, or the hostess of a holiday party. I personally love them all and think they are so cute and most important inexpensive! My hubby and I celebrate Christmas with his family, and we do a Pollyanna, which is nice because you can focus your attention on one person. We always end up buying everyone something small, and these are similar things that I would give. One thing that find I helpful is, keeping one or two extra small gifts just in case you have a last-minute person show up. I hate not having something for everyone especially if they have gotten you something. I haven’t started my shopping because I tend to wait till Christmas is closer, but I do have an idea of what I want to give.

1. Chann Luu- Hermatite Wrap Bracelet- This bracelet is a little pricey, at $140.00, but anyone will love them. They come in dark green or grey and look great alone or stacked with more bracelets or a watch. Available at

2. Hues and Brews Cupcakes 14 oz Mugs (Set of 4)- I absolutely love these coffee mugs! There’s nothing like waking up in the morning to this cup, it will put a smile on your face. This season the Keurig K Cups seems to be a popular gift and this would be a perfect add-on gift. These mugs would be a perfect gift for your child teacher or a co-worker. Available at for $35.99

3. Estee Lauder Compact Holiday 2010 Collection Estee Lauder has been doing this holiday collection for years, but this years collection is beautiful. This season’s collection of exceptional new design showcases the unique beauty of nature, featuring animals and birds, such as rare jeweled sea turtle and precious blue birds. Six of the compacts contain Estee Lauder solid perfumes and the other six contain a translucent powder that works for any skin tone. No matter if the women you are shopping for love make up or not, I think anyone would love to have such a beautiful gift. Available at Estee Lauder counters prices starting at $49.00

4. Sigma Premium Travel Kit- Sigma make up brushes are such great quality, they are great for a girl just starting to use make up, or a professional to take them on-the-go. The brushes come in a super cute hot pink clutch that I wouldn’t mind using in place of a purse. The kit gives you 7 brushes a powder, tapered, large fluff, concealer, short shader, small eyeliner, and a blending brush. The quality of the brushes is not like any other travel kit, they are soft and don’t shed. I know a lot of people who compare them to MAC brushes only Sigma brushes are half the price. If you have someone on your list that travels or is on-the-go this will be a perfect way for them to pack less. Available here for $59.00

5. Kate Spade iPhone 4 Cover- This witty iPhone case is a hard case in a great green color. The back of the case has a rotary dial detail that’s sure to make you and your friends laugh. I think this is a perfect gift for a co-worker,Pollyanna gift, or even just for you. Available at for $40.00

6. LUSH Gingerbread House Tin– Lush makes some of the most delicious handmade soaps and bath products.  This gift set contains a holiday tin that holds the gingerbread house bubble bar, candy cane bubble bar, ciders bath bomb, and lil’ lush pud bath bomb. This is great way to introduce someone to LUSH products and have them experience how amazing they are. This gift can be given to your childs teacher, co-worker or friends, everyone will love them. I use LUSH products and absolutely love them! My skin always feels so good every time I get out of the shower or bath. Available at or any LUSH store for $28.95

Happy Shopping


Shades of Summer

The seasons are changing and summer is getting closer. Summer is the time when you sit in the hot sun having barbeques, going to the beach, and going to baseball games. While doing that you want to look fabulous and sunglasses are an essential part of an outfit. I have always been a fan of the large glasses. One because they cover your face when you’re not looking that great, and two they are the perfect accessory to everything you wear. No matter if you like then big or small, black or white there is a pair out there for everyone. This season, trends from last year have carried over, this means aviators, round and square, are here but with a twist. Prices of sunglasses can vary; I would suggest investing in 1 timeless pair of shades and then buying at least 3 inexpensive pairs.

The pair that you splurge on will be a pair that you have for a while so make sure they go well with the shape of your face, are a neutral color, and are comfortable. Try to stay away from ultra trendy shades because you don’t know if they will be in style next year. There are many different designer brands that make classic shades that can be used year after year. Designers’ like Gucci, Tom Ford, Oliver Peoples, and Chloe all have great shades that range in price and style. Saks Fifth Ave and Neiman Marcus have outlet stores that sell designer glasses for discounted prices. They carry last year’s styles that did not fully sell out before the new stockcame in. The prices start at under $100.00 and can find sales also featuring 20% off the already discounted prices. EBay and Amazon are great places to search for a certain pair for a cheaper price.

When it comes to more trendy sunglasses Urban Outfitter and Forever 21 have great designs. They take the most recent styles and make them at a more inexpensive price. You want to follow the same rules for cheaper glasses as you do with designer glasses. Make sure you find the right style for the shape of your face and the shades should be comfortable. The inexpensive pairs won’t be as durable, so if you really like the pair you might want to think about buying an additional pair. For me it’s hard to find the perfect pair so I like buy 2 just in case I loose or break the pair. Some stores get different styles every year, sometimes every couple months, so if you go back to find the same pair it’s going to be nearly impossible!

No matter if your young, old, rich or poor sunglasses are the perfect accessory to have this summer. If you want to invest in a good pair you should find the right structure and color for your face. I love my Tom Ford shades and I’m happy that I invested in them. Inexpensive pairs are great to have in different styles to go with certain looks. This season they are adding chains and rhinestone detailing to the rims. Everyone needs to go on the hunt for one pair that suites your style and I’m sure you will fall in love like I have!!

Happy Shopping!!